Commuter Benefits Ordinance Compliance

The San Francisco Department of the Environment is kicking off the annual Commuter Benefits Ordinance compliance process with outreach to businesses about deadlines and assistance in setting up a Commuter Benefits program.

As you know, San Francisco has a reputation as a trail blazer for cities nationwide. In January 2009, San Francisco took an innovative step towards relieving traffic congestion and improving air quality – making our city and region a better place to live – when the Board of Supervisors passed the San Francisco Commuter Benefits Ordinance with support from local business associations, including the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce.

The Commuter Benefits Ordinance requires businesses with locations in San Francisco and 20 or more employees nationwide to offer a commuter benefits program to their employees. By taking advantage of an existing federal pre-tax transit benefit, employers can save up to 9% on payroll taxes and employees can save up to 40% on their transit, vanpool and parking costs.

By April 30th, all San Francisco employers subject to the Ordinance are required to submit their 2012 Compliance Form.

For any questions, please contact:

Casey Strong

Commute Smart Program Associate
San Francisco Environment