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Hamilton Fog, 545 Irving Street The InnerFog wine bar is now a restaurant called Hamilton Fog. The concept behind Hamilton Fog…everything on the menu is One Hamilton ($10 bill) per item or less…with the exception of a full bottle of wine:) Products are locally sourced and organic when at all possible. Our chefs, Rose Bobrick and Zack Leal are not trying to cook any one type of food style - they just want to create a home style cooking with imaginative ingredients that feel comfortable when eating. Some of the best memories are sitting around a large table with friends and family, This was the emphasis on the communal tables here at Hamilton Fog. We are now open for lunch and the menu offers sandwiches and salads and for dinner California Tapas. All of our wine by-the-glass, large beers, house-made sandwiches, salads and tapas are $10 each…tax included! We will change our menu seasonally to offer the best produce throughout the year. Everything is made on-site. Currently Hamilton Fog is 21 and over, but the alcohol license may change in the near future so the whole family can enjoy. Additionally we will be holding a wine class on the first Saturday of every month from 12-2 pm, starting October 7, 2017 with Sommelier Cosmin. I look forward to seeing you at Hamilton Fog. John Nettesheim, Owner Sapporo Ramen Izakaya, 420 Judah A new izakaya and ramen shop has opened its doors in the neighborhood. The new izakaya features a selection of small plates, from kara-age fried chicken to gyoza to Sapporo-marinated wings, plus kushi-age and robata-yaki meat skewers and more. You can anticipate spending $11-$30 per person on a visit to Sapporo Ramen Izakaya, as it's currently two dollar signs on Yelp. Mi-Tea, 645 Irving Street After a long permitting period we’ve now opened in the vibrant Irving and 9th Avenue in Sunset District. Our store specialize in a wide variety of popular Asian influenced boba drinks. All of our tea is brewed fresh daily with many add-on items to turn your ordinary drink into a dessert in a cup. As a bubble tea drink lover myself, I would like to turn my passion for these drinks into my career and spread the joy. You can anticipate spending very little per person on a visit to Mi-Tea, as it's currently one dollar sign on Yelp. SIP Tea Room, 721 Lincoln Way Everything in our kitchen is homemade, with love. Sip serves a variety of specialty loose leaf teas. Enjoy freshly baked scones with Sip clotted cream, preserves and lemon curd; tea sandwiches made to order; delicious petite sweets; warm sausage rolls, toasties, quiche and more! One Yelp review reads "The service and food was great. Loved what the new owners did with the place; it is open and bright and the decor is lovely. I appreciate that everything is made in house.” You can anticipate spending moderately per person on a visit to SIP, as it's currently two dollar signs on Yelp.


Western Relics, Irving at 15th Ave. Western Relics was the passion project of Wilson Drozdowski and Sabrina Kay, an Outer Sunset couple with backgrounds in the art, punk, and DIY scenes, who don’t think you should have travel downtown to find culture. They named the store after the "Western" end of the city, where they wanted to locate their business. ("Relics" half-jokingly refers to their retro merchandise.) Sadly they will be missed!

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